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AMOUR FOU is an award winning Avantgarde-Chanson-Show. Through the electrifying sound univers of chanson, oriental and experimental with spoken words in a variety of languages, Scharmien Zandi explores different dimensions of social issues: in the space between new feminism and patriarchal structures of sexism is where we find our nuances of freedom and individualism in AMOUR FOU, the crazy love.

Experiencing the lust and passion of AMOUR FOU, Scharmien Zandi brings to the audience a musical climax that seduces us and makes us crave for more. She invites us to feel AMOUR FOU for which she is the defender, the judge and the accused. A show full of humor, melancholy, critic, and irony.

AMOUR FOU won the Austrian Musictheater Award 2020
In autum 2022, Scharmien Zandi will release an audioplay
with the 8 best songs of the show.

These topics take place on a global scale. AMOUR FOU has played in Beijing (CN) at DDC Club, in Vienna at the RRRiot Festival (AT) and at the Pfinxtn Festival (AT) where Scharmien Zandi shared the stage with Austrian stars like Paul Gulda, Michael Köhlmeier, and Shira Karun. For the show, she collaborates with artists such as actress Sarah Scherer, saxophonist Lukas Gabric and toxic-violinist Roxanne Szankovich. After Asia and Europe, America should get a taste of AMOUR FOU.

2022 we present AMOUR FOU as a show between music, literature, artificial intelligence and theater with Scharmien Zandi, Sarah Scherer and S.Myselle

ACFDC with Sarah Scherer & S.Myselle / Washington DC US / 29.09.2022
ACFNY with Sarah Scherer & S.Myselle / New York City US  / 27.09.2022
with Sarah Scherer & S.Myselle / Klagenfurt AT / 23.09.2022
Kultur in der Mühle Festival with Sarah Scherer / St. Veit a.d. Glan AT / 30.07.2022
Luna’s Dream with Sarah Scherer & Roxanne Szankovich / Online /  13.12.2020
Szene Waldvierten with Actress Sarah Scherer / Horn AT / 16.10.2020
Porgy & Bess / The Art Of Kurdish Music / Vienna AT/ 20.09.2020
Kultursommer Wien with Actress Sarah Scherer / Vienna AT / 30.08.2020
Guckloch Peepshow Wien
/ Vienna AT / 05.06.2020
ACFNY with Saxophonist Lukas Gabric / Online Show #quarantineconcert  / 15.05.2020
Pfinxtn Festival / Heidenreichstein AT / 08.06.2019
RRRiot Festival / Vienna AT / 02.03.2019
Initative.Raumschiff / Linz AT / 12.12.2018
Dusk Dawn Club / Beijing CN / 14.05.2017

A avantgarde-chanson show between music, literature and theater
I want to lick over your face, sleep with your best friend,
caress your amygdalla, sew a dress out of your beard,
drink you, love you, strangle you.

A curious look into the secrets of strangers!
Moments of boisterous lust, raging jealousy, excessive love,
grueling doubt, dramatic world pain, energetic rage or dull loneliness.

The award-winning show AMOUR FOU meets texts by anonymous authors
and a multiversal soundscapes.

As a multidisciplinary artist, musician and performer, Scharmien Zandi works with a variety of techniques and methods to create contemporary stage works, sound design and film art. Her artistic work and research are based on two principles: body(-sound), geometry / dynamics and space.

Scharmien Zandi’s work includes multimedia, performing arts and music. In 2017 she received an Artist Residency from the Ministry of Culture of Beijing, where she launched her new art form „operaperfromance“, where elements of opera and performance merge into a new form of expression (e.g. DIONE ALL ELEMENT contemporary opera). She works as a composer, actress and musician for theaters (Fu Long Theater Beijing, Landestheater Niederösterreich St. Pölten), films and operas. Her sound-installation for the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, at the 798 Art Zone, had elements of AMOUR FOU where she worked in collaboration with the Volkstheater in Vienna, Austria.

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