Composer / Musician

Scharmien Zandi works as a professional composer and musician for theaters, operas and with various Musician for Live-Shows.

With her Band CADÛ she released 2019 the debut album STEELSTREET and played more than 30 Shows all over Europe (e.g. Berlin, Budapest, Timisoara, Olten, Graz, Vienna). Her Avangarde-Chanson AMOUR FOU shows her strong artistic skill of singer-songwriting and inspires audiences in China, Europe and the USA. For this Show she was awarded for the Austrian Music Theater Award 2020 for ‚Best Off-Production

She studied classical vocal (soprano) and is a multinstrumentalist (piano, guitar, synthesizer, transverse flute, kurdish daf). DIONE is her first contemporary opera which will be released in 2021. Click here > VIDEO

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2020 Amour Fou Avantgarde-Chanson Show / Online Show // ACFNY 

2019 CADÛ Steelstreet Tour, EU 

2019 Die Physiker Theaterkomposition / Ensemble Delphin // Dschungel Wien, Theater Spielraum, AT 

2018 Headline - Dione Komposition / iAKW // Kunsttankstelle Wien, AT 

2017 Andrea Bocelli Chor Sopran // Messegelände Graz, Tips Arena Linz, AT 

2017 Howling Dogs Theaterkomposition / Raimund Rosarius // Long Fu Theater Peking, CN 

2017 Redline - Dione Komposition / Raimund Rosarius // ACF Peking, CN 

2017 Taikonaut Lilli Komposition / Jochen Settili // 798 Art District Peking, CN

2017 Amour Fou Avantgarde-Chanson Show // Tour, CN 

2016 Niemandsland Theaterkomposition / Ensemble Delphin // Theater Arche Wien, AT

2016 Paloma Negra Duo // Tour, AT

2015 Schimmern... Sopran / Larisa Vrhunc  with Kairos Quartett // Solitär Salzburg, AT

2015 Misthaufen Musikerin // Radio Kulturhaus Ö1 Wien AT

2013 Rage Cage Konzert // Caffe Vivaldi NYC, US