Art Not Innovation

A time of change.
A time of positioning.
A time when art works with innovation – which I welcome.
A time when art is equated with innovation – which I cannot tacitly accept.

Austrian Federal Law Gazette No. BGBI. I No. 8/2020 / point 16 + 17

A pioneering spirit in difficult times

In order to understand art in all its comprehensive provocative way as a dialogue partner,I am raising awareness of the day of action – NO MUSIC DAY by Bill Drummond – as a new global holiday on November 21st, 2020.

A prototype of the future
An awareness of the senses
A human in the digital age.

Visit the virtual residency WE ARE THE FUTURE of the Karaagora Center.

Special thanks to Bill Drummond for the posibility to bring the day of action to a holiday. Tabakfabrik Linz who is an Innovation – Hot Spot for exchange between innovation and art in social society, culture and economic, in critical thinking, experimental fields and for start ups. Gleb Divov the Minister of Culture and Innovations of the independent artistic Republic of Užupis in Lithuania for streaming MY NAME IS ART NOT INNOVATION at the Véjo Dienos 2020 and iAKW for your trust, exchange and support. Last but not least, thank you Stefan; without you, I would still fight on my own with the paper.