experiments with AI-generated music and/or platforms

funKI 1.1SCORE: Scharmiens Compositions Of Ridicolous Engines (AIVA: Music to Music)

The Real Digital Piano

An improvisation on the piano is recorded. This recording is uploaded to the platform AIVA, where the parameters remain faithful to the original key and instrument – a piano – so that the music that the platform generates by means of scores for pianists has a way to perform them.

The aim of the project is to create a composition between improvisation and generated music. It is desirable that this project can be extended with other instruments and voices.

You want to participate? The scores will be online soon!

funKI 1.2Scharmien the Shaman & the Healing Manifestation Ensemble (Mubert: Text to Music)

Improvisation Performance with AI-Music

This performance is a scenographic performance with musical, choreographic, improvisational and computer generated focus. A sonic-physical improvisation starting from a loop, which starts from an AI generated program that generates a text (prompts) to a music. The musicians and dancers react to this by improvising. This results in an improvisation landscape, which comes to the fore, that the loop deviates so much into the background that it is no longer relevant at all and can be switched off. The performance ends when the musicians and dancers end the improvisation.

The scene of the performance represents a dystopian world. Our world! Our home!

We are in the age of sensitivities. The world is deeply wounded. Artificial intelligence is the new god-figure that is understood as a deity „AI-men“ , in which an AI acts as a deity and determines decisions for humans via digital and automated processes. Free will has been slain and placed in captivity by those who resist these imposed decisions. A group of people want to free themselves from this captivity of the machine and initiate a resistance by summoning Scharmien the Shaman.

An improvisation performance about dependency, self-determination, identity and the ability to make decisions with an open end.

Shows will be announced soon

funKI 1.3 – Silents & AI (AIVA: Silents to Nothing)

AIVA can generate music!

AIVA can generate sounds!

AIVA cannot generate silents!

AIVA cannot generate gravitational waves!

Silents & AI at NO MUSIC DAY 2022

funKI 1.4 Silent.Opera (NightCafe: Text to Image)

The two artists Scharmien Zandi and S.Myselle collaborate for the Silent.Opera. An AI-based opera through images and composition of the Opernperformance DIONE.

In the Republic of Užupis, Lithuania the Minister of Culture and Innovation Gleb Divov will present Silent.Opera as the opening highlight for No Music Day 2021 and in Vienna the work will be screen at C’QUENCE (7th, Burggasse 106). Digital Premiere at 10 am on 21st November 2021

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