Scharmien the Shaman

German Version

An improvisational performance with AI-Music, breath, voice, body, electronics, artwork and instruments by Scharmien Zandi

Scharmien the Shaman & the Healing Manifestation Ensemble is a scenographic performance with musical, dance, improvisation and computer generated focus. A sonic-physical improvisation starting from a loop, which starts from an AI generated program that generates a text (prompts) to a music. The performer responds to it through an improvisation. This results in an improvisation landscape that comes to the fore, so that the loop deviates strongly into the background, so that it is no longer relevant and can be switched off. The performance ends when the improvisation ends.

The scene of the performance represents a dystopian world. Our world! Our home! We write the ‘Age of sensitivities’. The world is deeply wounded. Artificial intelligence is the new god-figure that is understood as a deity „AI-men“ , in which an AI acts as a deity and determines decisions for humans via digital and automated processes. Free will has been slain and placed in captivity those who resist these imposed decisions.

The spirit of art wants to free humans from this captivity of the machine and initiates a resistance as the spirit in the performer evokes the shaman.

Scharmien the Shaman employs a spell of chaos with the healing manifestation ensemble (all images in the room), where the female masculinity initiates the dissolution of the human race. Through the dissolution, the machine can be fed with chants and prayers (prompts / titles of the images) and is set in dependence on the ensemble. The physical-sound activity with instruments and movement increases and thus disables the machine. AI-men is eliminated (stops the machine / the loop).

The ceremony takes its climax as the magic of acoustics takes hold. The chaos dissolves and the ceremony ends with the last and first cry of Sharmien, the shamans. The spirit disappears from the body of the performer. The human being is thereby reintroduced and with her the own will, the autonomy and the decisiveness of humanity.

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