Silents AI

What is computer-based composing?
What is computer-generated composing?
Does computer-generated composing exist at all?
How much technology does production need?
How much technology does the live show need?
WTF is AI?
WTF is AI Music?
Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Received 2022 Music and Performing Arts Start-Grant to explore these questions. The process of my research is shown here. You wanna exchange, or just send me your song to AI jizzl it? Write me here:

My current tools:
TC Helicon
SM 58 Microfone
Zoom H8

1.1 #therealdigitalpiano

The traditional piano as an electro-acoustic sound generator, enhanced with A.I. generated music. #therealdigipiano

with two partners: the voice and AI

A composition that will also be performed, exploring the critical engagement of analog and digital composing, as well as the research of new tools of composing.

1.2 Silents & AI


AIVA can generate music!

AIVA can generate sounds!

AIVA cannot generate silents!

AIVA cannot generate gravitational waves!

2.1 Supersymmetrische Kompositionstechnik by Hofstetter Kurt

I would like to explore the supersymmetrical composition technique of Hofstetter Kurt, as well as polyphonic composition techniques, to find out if there is a possibility to develop further soundscapes and sound streams.

3.1 Opernperformance

A performance practice of the contemporary and diverse kind.

The format precedes the idea of experiencing the complete work (opera) as an open work of art in the form of a performance. It implements the confrontation of music, performing and visual arts (music, theater, art, media, dance), while the aesthetics should not disappear in the background, but rather be renegotiated. It is to be ensured that the boundless variety of compositional possibilities does not lead to a thematic sound differentiation or reduction of the material, but that a multimedia (audio-visual) Gesamtkunstwerk of the new generation is created.

You want to see an Opernperformance live? On April 12, 2023 SUPERZERO, BABY will celebrate its premiere at the Kammeroper Wien. Info & Ticket

3.2 Premiere Opernperformance at Kammeroper Vienna
1.3 Schönberg & Cage – Axes: Structure and Silence /\ Notes and Noise
Tool: Magenta Studios, Free AI Tool for Abelton Live